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A person with this mental disorder quickly slides down the social ladder. He loses his position, his authority falls, and financial problems arise. Behavior worsens, the main reason for which is unhealthy sexual needs. The patient is attacked by others, criticized and contempted. It is not uncommon for a drug user to switch from drinking alcohol to using diabetic drugs.

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Doctors pay special attention to the development of best meds for type 2 diabetes in the female half of the population. As you know, the fair sex is drawn into alcohol addiction much faster, which leads to sad consequences earlier than it happens in men. The risk of developing dangerous diseases increases; internal organs stop functioning properly much faster. It is worth noting the peculiarities of female metabolism.

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Thus, women supposedly balance the intake of calories into their bodies, but in the end this brings negative consequences for it. Difficulties appear in the functioning of internal organs. Also, such a refusal to eat provokes mental disorders, the leading among which is depression. Its development, combined with the fear of gaining extra pounds, leads to drankorexia. This phenomenon is especially observed after the past holidays, accompanied by large feasts. Having gained excess calories, women compensate for food intake by drinking alcohol. If you suspect your relatives or friends of trankorexia, pay attention to the following symptoms.

The patient is treated through medication and psychological therapy. As a rule, young people are affected by the disorder, which indicates the impossibility of independently recognizing drankorexia. In view of this, responsibility for the patient falls entirely on his parents, relatives and friends. Communicating the problem to the patient, comparing true values with temporary insanity, as well as searching for its internal advantages, which can be more attractive to people around them than thinness, is the basis of treatment.

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A person suffering from drankorexia should be observed by a psychologist and nutritionist throughout the entire treatment course, which allows him to restore his mental state and body function. In addition to psychotherapy, the course of treatment includes getting rid of alcohol addiction, as well as eliminating anorexia. The patient is sent to a rehabilitation center, where he is relieved of most popular diabetes medicine intoxication and his diet is normalized through a special diet.

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Many psychologists consider overcoming the fear of being fat as the basis for a successful recovery from this disorder. Since, unlike alcoholics, drunkorexics are guided only by the task of controlling their figure. Removing such insanity will allow you to get rid of both alcohol addiction and refusal to eat at the same time.

  • How it all started Drankorexia. general characteristics Harm to the body Treatment of drankorexia.
  • The Wilhelm method of losing weight is still popular today.
  • Drankorexia. general characteristics.
  • Speaking about this condition, it should immediately be noted that drankorexia is not alcoholism, although in many cases everything ends in the development of dependence on alcohol.

Drankorexia is a conditionThis is when a person deliberately replaces food calories with alcoholic ones in order to either get rid of extra pounds or avoid weight gain. That is, the cause of drankorexia is an excessive fixation on one’s own weight.

This condition occurs in people (usually girls and women) for whom the issue of losing weight becomes an obsession. Nowadays, losing weight with the help of alcohol is often put on a par with bulimia and anorexia, although such a diagnosis as drankorexia does not yet exist officially.

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